Monday, April 21, 2014

Apple and Celery Salad Stacks

Apple and Celery Salad Stacks ~ Delicious, refreshing Apple Salad ~ ideal as a side or appetizer ! #Salad #LowFat #AppleSalad #Appetizer

Salads, fresh fruit and vegetables have become a huge part of our culinary preferences over the last couple of weeks. I have to admit that, not only I, but the whole family already feels better and they do actually enjoy the healthier side of all eats and treats  --- okay, not all ;-)   but most !

These Apple and Celery Salad Stacks are not only delicious, but they look amazing as well. I have served this as an appetizer once and a few times as a side salad.

Tahini Chicken Sandwich

Tahini Chicken Sandwich ~ Excellent Light Dinner or Lunch with a delicious Tahini taste #Sandwich #Healthy #LowFatRecipe

I am always up for a delicious sandwich, especially when I do not have time to cook, or am simply not in the mood for cooking.

By using a Rotisserie Chicken, this recipe for a Tahini Chicken Sandwich , comes together in a flash, and I usually have all the other ingredients on hand.

Dump and Bake Beef Casserole {Low-Fat}

Dump and Bake Beef Casserole ~ No-Fuss Low-Fat Beef Casserole ! #LowFat #BeefCasserole #Casserole

This is another recipe which I have been making on and off for years. I found this in a recipe book by Christelle Erasmus which is all about low-fat, healthy dishes.

The original name {translated from Afrikaans} is "No-Patience Beef Casserole" and that is exactly what this Dump and Bake Beef Casserole is about !

Spiced Mango Parfaits

Spiced Mango Parfaits ~ Mangoes, Coconut - so tropical ! AND it is a low-fat dessert ! #MangoParfaits #Parfait #LowFatDessert

This is such a tropical dessert and best of all - it is low-fat !  It is a quick and easy recipe so you only need minutes to get this ready.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Green ELVIS Smoothie

Green ELVIS Smoothie ~ Delicious Banana-Peanut Butter Smoothie which the kids would love as well! #Smoothies #GreenSmoothies #HealthyRecipe

I did something so stupid yesterday, but in my defense, I have been a craving a rich, creamy dessert, since I started eating healthier over 2 weeks ago.

So, yes, I had a delicious, very fattening store-bought dessert last night ! Give me a break, will you? At least I did not whip up something which I could still be chewing on ;-)  I knew by eating the dessert, that I will be in pain this morning but I had this Green Elvis Smoothie recipe, which I have had a few of during the last couple of weeks.