Friday, January 31, 2014

Coffee Chocolate Dip and Fresh Fruit

Chocolate hearts filled with fresh fruit and an amazing thick and creamy Coffee Chocolate Dip is the ideal quick and easy dessert, especially for Valentines Day.

You can make the chocolate hearts days in advance {just keep them safely in the refrigerator!} and after dinner, fill the hearts with a selection of fresh fruit.

The Coffee Chocolate Dip takes about 5 minutes to make {if that long}, so it would look as if you spent hours preparing this dessert, but it takes under 15 minutes and that is including the making of the chocolate hearts.


serves 2


100g White Chocolate, good quality
2 TB Hot Strong Coffee
3 TB Milk
100g Dark Chocolate, good quality
Fresh Fruit, to serve


1.) Melt the White Chocolate  {I do this in two batches - use the 1st batch and then melt and use the 2nd batch}

2.) "Paint" the inside of two silicone mold hearts with a little of the melted White Chocolate - place in the freezer for 2 minutes - remove from the freezer and repeat until all the White Chocolate has been used and you have a thickish heart - don't worry about the edges now.
3.) After the last paint of chocolate leave the hearts in the freezer for 5 minutes to set completely - gently pull the sides of the mold away and press the hearts out - use a long lit match or something similar and hover it over the chocolate edges, not too close, to neaten it a bit.
4.) Keep the hearts chilled until you are ready to serve.
5.) When ready to serve: heat the Coffee and Milk until very hot {stove top or microwave} - stir in the Dark Chocolate until melted - you might have to heat the dip again - stir until smooth and thickened.
6.) Fill the Chocolate hearts with Fresh Fruit and serve with the dip.

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