Sunday, March 9, 2014

Remote Organizer

Remote Organizer ~ Re-Purpose an old soup packet holder into a nifty organizer for all your remotes #Storage #Organizer #Recycling #RePurpose

I Think this is the first post I share in which I had just about nothing to do with!  All Cheri ! Well, she won't type the actual post, but fixing her mom's bad start, starting all over and finish this remote organizer were all done by her. salt

Last year I made a new pinboard type of soup holder and I had this old one left {which of course I knew can be used for something else!}

Before I started with the paint and stencil, I asked Cheri which stencil and she chose the one shown. Right, so I started and made a mess as I can not hold the stencil in place {because of the texture of the soup holder, I could not use tacky glue} and even the painting was hurting my arm - gave up !

 Next I saw, was Cheri, getting everything together with some paint remover - to remove my mess - and she started all over. Okay, I'm fine with that, because we desperately needed a place to keep all our remote controls together.

I mean, we have remotes for the Satellite TV, CCTV Cameras/Alarms, Aircooler, PS3 controls {yes, and it belongs to Roy!}and add to that our cellphones which are always either lost or where it does not belong. That is quite a bit strewn all over the show and it would even have been more, but fortunately with today's technology, most of the other remote controlled electronics i.e. the Surround sound etc, are now incorporated with the Satellite TV remote.

 Nothing huge to reveal really - one old soup packet holder ....

 Plus some paint and a stencil ....

Remote Organizer ~ Re-Purpose an old soup packet holder into a nifty organizer for all your remotes #Storage #Organizer #Recycling #RePurpose
And we have a new Remote Organizer ! This will be closer to where Roy sits, for obvious reasons ..uhm, PS3, yes, so not me ! And I have to admit I do not even know how the CCTV cameras and alarms work, never mind the remote control ...

Well, I shared the first little craft from Cheri, but in the months coming, during and after all three surgeries, she just might show up a little more - might even get her to type the post herself ;-)
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