Sunday, March 16, 2014

Watermelon Limeade

 Watermelon Limeade ~ Delicious, fresh #Non-Alcoholic drink ! #DrinksRecipe #WatermelonRecipe #Limeade
I have a juicer which we - that is, Cheri and I - have used for so many different kinds of drinks. From simple single juices to delicious green smoothies.

Both of us really enjoy the freshness of the drinks and especially the ease of using a juicer. So, if you do not have one yet, go on and get one ! Most fruits and vegetables just get chopped and then chucked into the machine - fresh juice on one side and all the pits, peel etc in the bowl normally at the back of the juicer.

For this Watermelon Limeade , I actually did remove the peel and all the white parts, before placing them in the juicer, as it does not contribute to the flavor at all {the white would actually make the juice bitter} .

Watermelon Limeade ~ Delicious, fresh #Non-Alcoholic drink ! #DrinksRecipe #WatermelonRecipe #Limeade



10 cups Watermelon, chopped {peeled and white cut off}
6 Limes
1/4 cup Caster Sugar  {or more - depending on your preference}
Handful Basil Leaves
Ice Cubes, to serve
Mint Leaves, to serve

DIRECTIONS {using a Juicer}:

1.) Mix all ingredients, except the Mint, in a large bowl - place into the Juicer - juice and repeat until all the fruit has been juiced.
2.) No straining needed - chill and stir well before serving.
3.) Serve ice-cold with Ice Cubes and Mint Leaves.

DIRECTIONS {using a Blender}:

1.) Peel the Limes and slice into quarters.
2.) Place all the ingredients {more than one batch may be required, depending on the size of your blender} in the blender - blitz until smooth.
3.) Strain, keep chilled and stir well before serving.
4.) Serve ice-cold with Ice Cubes and Mint Leaves.

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